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Here are 10 quick-fix techniques

Techniques to put into practice now for clearer speech and more effective communication!

1. Instead of trying to speak more slowly without any specific direction use 'complete word production' by focusing on the beginnings and, especially, endings of words.
2. Listen actively by taking notes, looking directly at the speaker and reflecting the message.
3. Place a tape recorder by your phone and listen to yourself to pinpoint areas in need of improvement.
4. Greet and depart with enthusiasm and sincerity in both your verbal and body language by giving firm handshakes, smiling and saying more than 'hi' or 'fine'.
5. Keep your voice healthy by staying hydrated with water, and not yelling from your throat but instead projecting from your diaphragm.
6. Occasionally be quiet and practice 'strategic silences' to gain power in conversations.
7. Build your vocabulary weekly by adding 1 new word from something you have read or specifically sought in the dictionary.
8. Leave clearer phone messages by repeating your name and number twice and spelling your name if yours is uncommon, and gain control by scheduling calls at your convenience whenever possible.
9. Improve your answering machine greeting by re-recording it with a smile on your face and clearly enunciated words.
10. Do not be afraid to seek help from a professional if you need it.