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Testimonials/Letters of Recommendation

Congressman recommendation (click here to view)
I would recommend Dawn Cotter-Jenkins to anyone seeking to improve their abilities and skill set. As I appear on national TV programs, I am constantly going over in my mind, the tips and training I received from her. I believe that the services I have receive increased my ability to reach more people to speak more clearly and to communicate more effectively I highly recommend her.

Gregory W. Meeks

Assistant United States Attorney (click here to view)
As an Assistant United States Attorney, oral argument and public speaking are crucial aspects of my life. When I detected small idiosyncrasies in my speech pattern, I contacted World Class to assist me in improving my speaking skills. After the initial consultation, an individualized program was developed to fit my personal speech deficiencies and goals. During the course of the program, I was made to feel totally comfortable and confident about identifying and correcting my speech deficiencies. At the conclusion of the program, I was given a synopsis of my progress during the program and techniques to use before and during any speaking situation. I still practice these techniques today

Alphonzo Grant Jr.

Kimberly Joy Dixon, Business Internship Coordinator (click here to view)
"Ms. Cotter-Jenkins did a wonderful job explaining cultural differences
that impacts speech patterns, accents, and body language. In addition,
able to express to students how they may be able to increase their verbal
while using a telephone and answering questions in an interview."

Kimberly Joy Dixon

With students from York College