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Our Services

Verbal Presentation

Communication is the foundation for all relationships both personal and professional. We provide individual and group programs to address a variety of communication needs.

  • Does the way you speak draw attention away from your message too often? 
  • Do you find yourself repeating what has been said due to misunderstandings? 
  • Do you feel the way you talk is holding you back from you dream job or career advancement?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions you will benefit from services provided by World Class Speech Service. You can:

  • Learn to express yourself clearly in both social and professional situations.
  • Improve your ability to present your personal skills and your business services or products. 
  • Increase your communication skills with co-workers, employees and supervisors. 
  • Individual or group services are available.

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Accent Modification

The way you speak reflects who you are in many ways. Your cultural identification is often expressed in your speech. In certain situations an accent is an asset to connect with people and create interpersonal relationships. Other times your accent may negatively affect the ability of others to fully understand what you are trying to communicate. You can modify the way you speak and learn how to "code switch" more effectively. 

Whether you have a regional dialect or a foreign accent we custom tailor proven successful programs to meets your individual needs as specified through an in depth assessment. Training is enhanced through the use of the Compton P-ESL method and additional programs, as necessary. A before and after speech sample will reveal your progress with a careful analysis of your skill level at each point.

Modifying your accent takes hard work and dedication. Clients are provided with training materials which include workbooks, software, CD-ROM and related materials. Students who attend all the appropriate sessions in a timely manners and practice consistently can expect to experience a 50% or more change in their accent or dialect.

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Business and Corporate Services

Businesses benefit from services to improve employee productivity through customer service, interpersonal communication between co-workers and on-the-job related verbal tasks.

Group sessions can be given on communication skills, listening skills and presentation skills. Individual needs of employees can be addressed on topics such as voice use, telephone etiquette, verbal assertiveness for supervisors or other speech and hearing related problems