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One of the most nerve-racking and yet necessary skills in advancing or maintaining our careers is public speaking.  There are many speaking events from the job interview, to a project presentation, to an event toast for a beloved colleague. We may speak in front of a familiar small crowd or a new large audience. The key points of connecting with your audience and getting your message across clearly are what you all want to do well. 

I would be happy to talk to you to find out if I would be a good fit for your professional speaking needs and goals. I provide high quality services and proven results through techniques and coaching that is built off of YOUR strengths. 

How have I helped others: 

  • Taught Communicating Effectively in the Workplace as a continuing education course at various colleges and universities.
  • Taught Public Speaking, Voice and Diction, and Fundamentals of Communication at Bronx Community College.
  • Speaker coach for TEDx Deer Park 2017-Present.
  • Private practice, World Class Speech Services, specializing in elective speech-language pathology of professional voice use and accent modification.

How I can help you build success through communication:

  • Assess your baseline speaking and communication skills.
  • Set your high priority needs and goals.
  • Provide techniques and resources to improve your speech or communication skills for career success.
  • Give feedback on speaking videos and live run throughs.


(Former) Assistant US Attorney for Brooklyn NY, Alphonzo Grant, Jr. Esq. – (excerpt)
“As an Assistant United States Attorney, oral argument and public speaking are critical aspects of my life. When I detected small idiosyncrasies in my speech pattern, I contacted World Class to assist me in improving my speaking skills.

After taking the program, I can honestly say that my speech pattern and speaking ability have improved immensely. I would recommend World Class Speech Services to anyone who has significant speech impediment or is simply looking to enhance their public speaking skills. The program is administered in a professional, personal manner, and the techniques definitely work!”

Stony Brook University Career Center, Kimberly Joy Dixon – (excerpt)

“Ms. Cotter-Jenkins did a wonderful job explaining cultural differences and how that impacts speech patterns, accents and body language. In addition, she was able to express to students how they may be able to increase their verbal skills while using the telephone and answering questions in an interview.

The seminar was conducted in a professional manner and Ms. Cotter-Jenkins was very interactive with the audience. The handouts provided were informative and the recommendations of various resources were useful. The Career Center received positive, oral and written feedback from participants.”

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