Professional Speaking and Communication

One of the most nerve-racking and yet necessary skills in advancing or maintaining our careers is public speaking.  There are many speaking events from the job interview, to a project presentation, to an event toast for a beloved colleague. We may speak in front of a familiar small crowd or a new large audience. The key points of connecting with your audience and getting your message across clearly are what you all want to do well. 

I would be happy to talk to you to find out if I would be a good fit for your professional speaking needs and goals. I provide high quality services and proven results through techniques and coaching that is built off of YOUR strengths. 

How have I helped others: 

  • Taught Communicating Effectively in the Workplace as a continuing education course at various colleges and universities.
  • Taught Public Speaking, Voice and Diction, and Fundamentals of Communication at Bronx Community College.
  • Speaker coach for TEDx Deer Park 2017-2021.
  • Private practice, World Class Speech Services, specializing in elective speech-language pathology of professional voice use and accent modification.

How I can help you build success through communication:

  • Assess your baseline speaking and communication skills.
  • Set your high priority needs and goals.
  • Provide techniques and resources to improve your speech or communication skills for career success.
  • Give feedback on speaking videos and live run throughs.

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